26, trd - norway

Hi, I am an aspiring artist that do lots of different arts. I mostly make abstract art, but I can also make illustrations and take on graphic designing projects. I am currently taking courses in authoring and I am constantly trying to evolve inside the works of art.

When I am not making art, I normally work in other part time jobs, write, walk outside - I love being in nature. I do yoga, I dance and I care for my friends and family. If I am not doing any of this, I might be doing one of the many courses I`ve put myself into.

I believe ART is important in life, and that surrounding yourself with those things can make you happy and healthy. I live by this everyday, and I want to carry on this message to people around me.

Any tip from me: Life is short, live your biggest dreams. Then you won`t have any regrets later.