My name is Mariel and I am an artist.

I started drawing before I turned 11 months and hasn`t found any bigger passion. I am born and raised in Norway. Despite how wonderful this land can be, I cannot stop thinking about traveling the world, even more. I love traveling, connecting with people, and finding peace in nature. I love being human, being capable of doing many things, such as creating art.

I have learned a lot about living throughout my life, up until now. I know what it is like to have less, and to appreciate more.

I am a selftaught artist. I do traditional illustration, digital arts and can handle different media on canvas as well. I aspire to improve myself each day, and every day. I am a true believer when it comes to hard work and it`s result in salvation.


My thoughts and dreams are very clear to me. I want to inspire others and to make them feel something more than they allready are. I want to influence them, make them open their eyes for ART and what inpact it has on our human lives.

I am working on building up my inquiry so that I can have a much larger inpact on people around me. My goal is to be able to live from doing art and also being able to do charitywork, but not in the traditional way. I believe that if you give someone help by not showing them why or how, they would not understand why you are helping them and will therefore not know what to do with your help. But if you give them a reason to do something and pass on your knoweledge in something you believe in, they may as well follow your direction.

This is where I hope my vision comes true.

I would love to help out on what I can be capable of helping out with, and I will start by building up my inquiry step by step. My first mission for now, is to work with promoting my ARTWORK. I have a few projects in mind, and have already started on some of them. Those newborn ideèas will be revieled sooner or later.

Meanwhile, take care!

ART starts with you