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ARTWORK for 2019 is launching at the end of August

The end of summer is comming..

Bilde 23.05.2019, 02 54 11.jpg

My sister, walking our family dog.

I’ve been quite off

2019 has been a rollercoaster of emotions and body burns. I don`t think I have ever been in such pain ever!

(I have severe pains around inside my body, and especially in my joints. Theres an ongoing investigation on what this can be - It can also be inherited).

I quit school again because I got a bunch of inflammations from working many hours in front of the computer. Work and exercise didn`t add up with my rutines either, so I have not had any bright opportunities to produce ART as much as I would hope for in 2019.


As most of my closest friends and family know. I`ve been working really hard all my life to develop my art skills, and I was always told to dream big. - Rather than having no dreams at all.

2019 got me scared of losing my dreams. If I am being realistic about my future in ARTs, there might be a chance I have to give up on painting. This is because of my body condition.

So I am being honest with you,

and with myself.

Being realistic.

Bilde 26.07.2019, 22 32 00.jpg


I am currently on a waiting list for changing my doctor . The timing is actually really bad, as I feel I am in seriously need from help.

I had to do a lot in researching around my health, just on my own. About a year ago I met up with an old freind who introduced me to essential oils, and I have since then been discovering the health benefits and growths one can harvest from natural remedies.

It has been a great discovery, and I am using some of the oils every day to support my immune system. I have not had many colds, sore throats or flues since I started out with essential oils.

It`s really is amazing!

The only problem I have been having is working 70 - 100 % as my nervous system seems to shut down when in activity. I use some oils for preventing pains, just so I can work - but the pains has started to act up.

You know, I feel like I am pushing my limits too far.


I have PTSD, and the bodily symptoms can vary. Whenever one has an anniversary let down the symptoms can duplicate.

I`ve been researching about people with childs trauma, and it seems like if you live long enough without proper support, the nervous system will develop different types of rheumatic diseases.

Mental Health under research is farely malnourished.

Rheumatic diseases can be many, and they get their name because the area of study is to poor on mental health. Being mentally ill can (if it goes too long) make you physically ill.

Bilde 28.07.2019, 20 28 25.jpg


Finding strenght this summer - I had to make myself some new life goals,

Find peace in being me,

my condition and my progress.


To be honest, I feel there is important to have let downs or having challenges in life, but come on.

This year has been so mentally draining!

Like, I used to train 6 - times a week, I used to eat everything and I used to have a lot of family around me.

Life just didn`t want me to have all this benefits while growing up, so now I am finding out how to deal with all the challenges that has come so that I can evolve into being a (hopefully) stronger and better human.

Waiting for doctors and others help isn`t always fun, but one should not forget that help also can be found within.

Starting to help yourself from within is a great starter,

and it could be the key to any solution that you are looking for.

Lesson to everyone: Do your shadow working - You`ll end up with a much more happier life!

Bilde 24.06.2019, 21 12 39.jpg

I am hopeful.

I am starting to explore the wonders of yoga and meditation. I have slightly found a way to enjoy food, and theres plenty of inspiration on Pinterest!

I have made my friends my family for many years now, but I still feel I have some challenges letting people in. I am currently letting the love of my life in which seems like a must do.

I`ve been working hard on keeping the Core of My Main Family together - And being kept inside myself. (There is a crazy story for this - And the story might be revealed soon). Also one of the main reasons I have been so drained this year. I feel like we are going to get a closure on a crisis chapter from our lives, but I cannot tell when.

And the most important hope ;

I have more dreams.

I do want to make ART and Illustrations, it just can`t happen as fast as it did before. Like an illustration can take days and weeks, so imagine how long it takes to finish one illustration on my challenging days!

I kind of need to make slugs my spirit animal, and love them! haha

Now, I just need to fit all these pieces together - waiting or not waiting for medical help.


Wish you`ve had a nice summer!



Hi, I just wanted to share about how I made Pollution.

It is an emotional piece I made with mixed media on 80x100 canvas. Pollution is as its name indicates, is about the wast contamination that harms our world. It is an artwork that is very present, and since it is abstract, it gives you endlessly ways to interpret its mysterical script.

First, I had my atelier cover up with protection, especially on the floor where the painting would use most of it`s time.

Bilde 01.07.2018, 15 15 52.jpg

I started out laying a primer and an overlay layer of diffused colors WHICH I`ve already chosen as my basics. I then had some acrylics mixed up with water and alcohol, and had the mix poured over the canvas.

I did the pouring technique two times, and it used around 8-10 hours to dry each time, based on the different amounts of media that I used in the mix. The layers of paint would either be poured next to each other, or on top of one another. Pouring fluids on top of another wet fluid will cause them to melt together and the outcome will depend on the amount of strenght in your fluid.

I think the drying process is quiet beautiful because you get to see how the painting lives and expands while drying.

Bilde 01.07.2018, 15 16 04.jpg

Since this pouring technique is reliant of drought, it is extremely important to know how to influence the draft by using both thin and thick amounts of fluids.

When I know I am going to paint a liquid painting, I usually set up my atelier to be enriched by space and secure paths so that I can move around easily. I like to use time in between the drying session to disturb the movements of the fluids, either making them stop moving or moving the paint in a new direction.

I bought myself a Switch and I seriously love it!

Here, playing Mario Odyssey while waiting for Pollution to dry.

Anyone that have not played this game is seriously missing out on some lmao entertainment.

At some point, I completely lost my direction, and then a white POSCA marker came to the rescue!

When Pollution was almost dry, I had the top layer fixated with some acrylic and oil corrections. I felt satisfied with the color paths but I felt something was missing, and I was certain that painting a new layer would spoil the artwork.

Then I remember something similar I did to another work ( Waterdragon from collection 365 ), where I used acrylic markers to carv intentional patterns. Maybe this was the missing part ?

Bilde 13.07.2018, 23 58 05 (1).jpg

So I did this.

Bilde 15.07.2018, 13 33 02.jpg


Someone screengrabbed my Instagram Story and made the artwork alive.

I had a few positive reactions on my pouring-experiment.

Bilde 03.08.2018, 01 02 44.png

It was also a test of patience.

I would mark whenever I had spare time,

I would mark whenever I had no time,

I would mark whenever I watched television,

And I would mark whenever I was supposed to be asleep!!

I am not sure how many hours I spent on marking Pollution, but I know it took more time than I had expected.


Pollution at Exhibition 365

I had even more reactions on this work.

I had it pre-booked in advance before my exhibition and it was already sold before public display.

Those attending my mysterybox contest had Pollution as one of it favourites, written on the participation notes!

Bilde 04.08.2018, 18 27 31 (1).jpg

Finishing Pollution was really an achievement!

I hope you liked this fairytale about how I made this piece of abstract art! I know I enjoyed making this and I hope you enjoy watching me produce artwork.


There is mostly 365 days in a year. What do you feel? #abstractartists


Art exhibition 365 for me, is about all the feelings and thoughts that can possibly be occourring throughout a year.

This was my very first exhibiton, my very first hello to you!

365 is based on feelings and experiences that i have consentrated over into abstract ART. I took the inspiration from some of the most eventful years of my life. You can easily say that this exhibition felt very intimately for me.

If you are unsure on what abstract art is, abstract art is formed by non-figurative shapes or motives that has a non-visual reference for us in the real world. Abstract can be anything you want.

Remember, ART starts with you.